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November 14, 2012
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South was simply superb. Josh had reached God's own country-Kerala. The profusely viridiscent landscapes glided past in slow motion as he ferried the lakes. There is the immensely variegated boat race festival known as Onam. Long boats are oared by brown, sinewy men-each one vying to win the race. The women dress in white and gold, slowly sway, carrying small mud lamps around colorful patterns drawn on the ground with powders in every imaginable color called Kolams also called rangolis in the north.

Huge elephants are indispensable during Onam. The pachyderms are scrubbed by the proud, smiling Mahouts in lakes and then adorned with red and gold brocade and paraded with howdahs (saddles).This is the land of Kathakali,the indescribably complex, holy and radiant dance-danced by an all male cast. They sit for hours together and paint their faces predominantly with greens, reds, black and yellow and emote subtly yet articulately displaying a plethora of histrionics-pomp, pain, piety and purity…

Not to be outdone was the Mohiniattam -a dance form that was followed by the womenfolk the literal meaning-alluring dance...

Kerala is the only matriarchal society in India ,probably with the exception of certain remote tribes found in the Himalayas.Now, Kerala is a state with a literacy rate of 100%.
.Kerala has a potpourri of religions-Christians, Muslims and Hindus...

It was the birthplace of the eminent, Indian classical singer-Jesudas who is a christian trained in orthodox music. There is the Guruvayoor temple and there are the beaches…

Important cities are Kochi, Thiruvanathapuram which was nomenclatured "Trivandrum" by the British and Kozhikode. Kerala has Malayalam speakers. Malayalam is an extremely accented language. Natives often speak other languages with a heavy Malayali accent…The word Malayalam,as the natives pointed out, is a palindrome...

Food was a luscious fare. Coconuts are used in profusion. There was the avial (mixed vegetables and coconut stew) served with appams (pancakes).Rice with Fish curry is common. Banana chips originated here. Tourists seldom left India without thronging into Kerala. It was where Ayurvedic medicines and therapeutic massages are practised .It is the ultimate resort for the foreigners seeking rest, relaxation, recuperation…

Josh watched as the luxuriant, emerald paddy fields melted into the distance.

Excitement mounted as Josh neared-Karnataka…
Indian trek..
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I didn't know about the matriarchal thing :-)
how do you choose what to write about?
if you have noticed I am very haphazard in writing stuff...
Just write whats uppermost in my mind
I wrote all this quite a while ago actually....
Nao1967 Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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